How Tight Should a Cat Collar Be?

cat collars How Tight Should a Cat Collar Be How to Fit a Cat Collar Measuring a Cat's Neck

We often get asked how to work out what size collar is suitable for our customers' cats and, more specifically, how tight should a cat collar be and how should it be adjusted for the best and safest fit. 

The great news is that, here at Noggins & Binkles, not only are all of our beautiful cat collars fitted with breakaway safety buckles but the collars are also fully adjustable between 17 cm and 27 cm. This means that our collars will be suitable for the vast majority of cat breeds. However, if your furry friend requires a different size, then it is just a question of contacting us at and we will be able to make a custom size cat collar for your cat.  It's worth mentioning that we also recommend that you attach a personalised cat ID tag to your cat's collar for additional safety and security. You can find out why in this post.

Binkles wearing a properly fitted silver breakaway safety cat collar

Binkles wearing his properly fitted silver breakaway safety cat collar in Pinatex

How to Measure Your Cat’s Neck

If you need a custom size cat collar, when contacting us, you will need to let us know the size of your cat's neck. You can measure your cat's neck with a flexible tape ruler (just like the ones that tailors use) or by putting a piece of string snugly (but not too tightly) around your cat's neck, marking where the ends meet and then laying the string on the table and measuring to the mark using a standard flat ruler or tape measure. You don't need to measure perfectly because we will manufacture a bespoke cat collar using a range either side of the measurements that you send to make sure that you get the right fit for your cat. 

How to Fit a Cat Collar

We recommend that, when you put a collar on your cat, you adjust the collar to leave enough space to be able to snugly slide two fingers in between the collar and your cat's neck, this is also recommended by Cats Protection. This will ensure that the collar is not too tight so as to be uncomfortable or dangerous for your cat but will also ensure that it is not loose enough for your cat to get his or her foot caught under the collar, which might lead to an injury or your cat trying to remove the collar. If it is the first time that your cat is wearing a collar, we recommend that you double check the fit a few minutes after you have first fitted the collar to ensure that the cat is relaxed and the fit is accurate. 

It is really important to get the fit right not only for the safety and comfort of your cat but to ensure that if your cat wanders off, the collar has the best possible chance of staying on to help identify your cat in the event that he or she is found by a neighbour. This will help you to get your furry friend back home as soon as possible.

If you are buying a collar for a cat that is not yet fully grown, it is important to regularly check the fit of the collar to ensure that, as your cat grows, you can still slide two fingers in between the cat and the collar. If the collar becomes too tight, you can simply adjust it using the slider on the collar.

At Noggins & Binkles, we do not recommend collars for kittens, particularly kittens that are allowed outdoors and are not under constant supervision, because most kittens are not heavy enough for the breakaway safety buckle to release in the event that the collar gets snagged or caught on a branch or other hazard in the cat's environment. You can get in touch with us if you need any help in deciding whether a breakaway collar is suitable for your kitten. In any event, we all know that kittens grow so fast that it won't be anytime at all before you can treat your cat to a new collar once he or she is fully grown.

If you need any advice in relation to the appropriate size for a cat collar then contact us at

If you are currently planning to get a new kitten or cat, read our New Cat and Kitten Checklist for more information about what you need to get started. This covers choosing the right cat litter, sustainable cat toys, luxury collars and personalised ID tags.


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