Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cats and Dogs

Whether you want your furry friend to look ravishing in red or pretty in pink this Valentine’s Day, we have you covered at Noggins & Binkles! Here are some of our favourite cat and dog accessories that would make the pawfect gift for your furry Valentine, but that are also designed to be enjoyed all year and not just on the day!

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Cats

Pink Vegan Cork ‘Leather’ Breakaway Safety Cat Collar With Solid Brass Bell

This is probably one of our favourite collars on Binkles as it matches his little pink nose perfectly! Also he’s a boy and we think real tom cats wear pink all year round and not just for special occasions. It’s the purrfect Valentine’s Day gift for both boy and girl cats who want to look pretty in pink. Why not really enhance the look with a matching bow tie!

Pink Vegan Cork Leather Cat Collar For Valentine's Day Cat Gift

Burgundy Cat Bow Tie in Vegan Cork Leather

Our gorgeous cork cat bow ties compliment our collars for a fancy feline look. They are perfect for that party look but can equally be worn everyday and mixed and matched with our cat collars for a unique look. Available in all our cork collars. We particularly love the burgundy vegan cork ‘leather’ bow tie around Valentine’s Day, but we are sure that your cat will look and feel super smart in any of our bow ties.

Cork cat bow tie for cat Valentine's Day gift

Cat Teaser Wand Toy - Pink Stripes Cork Ball With Solid Wood Stick

Our cat teaser wand toys with cork balls are perfect for playful cats and kittens and are made with sustainable cork and solid wood. The pretty pink stripes design makes it the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day and it’s also a great interactive gift for indoor cats, as it’s a fun way for cats to get some exercise!  

Pink cat teaser toy with cork ball for Valentine's Day cat gift

Organic Catnip Cat Toy - Recycled Vegan Felt Prawn

Our organic catnip toys made with recycled vegan felt are enough to make most cats go wild! If your cat loves catnip they will enjoy playing with our cute pink prawns. Catnip toys are also a great interactive toy for cats so another fun way to exercise.

Organic catnip prawn cat toy in vegan recycled felt for Valentine's Day cat gift

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dogs

Red Vegan Leather Dog Collar With Brass Buckle

Our red vegan leather dog collar in beautiful scarlet red is the perfect dog gift for Valentine’s Day and of course will look stylish all year, even doubling up as a Christmas dog collar too! It would look lovely on both boy and girl dogs and features luxury brass hardware.

Red vegan leather dog collar with brass buckle for dog Valentine's Day gift

Burgundy Dog Lead /Leash in Vegan Cork Leather With Brass Trigger Snap

Our luxury dog leads / leashes complement our dog collars perfectly and we think the beautiful burgundy colour would be a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day. Our dog leads / leashes are available in different colours and all feature our signature luxury solid brass hardware.

Burgundy vegan cork leather dog lead / leash for dog Valentine's Day gift

What Not to Gift Your Cat or Dog on Valentine’s Day

Whilst most humans know that chocolate is toxic to both cats and dogs and therefore not a suitable gift or treat for them, roses are actually classed as non-toxic to both cats and dogs according to the ASPCA, however, if they are accessible, which may be more relevant to table and shelf climbing cats than dogs who usually are at floor level, they could still pose a risk. Most roses bought as flowers will have large thorns on so if your cat or dog decides to have a nibble this could cause them some damage, as rose thorns are particularly sharp. There are also the invisible chemicals to consider, as growing roses requires up to seven times more chemicals than maize, with Greenpeace in the Netherlands finding  43 chemicals on three common bouquets.  If you want to gift your loved human or even furry friend a plant for Valentine’s Day, you can read about our favourite cat friendly plants here, we know Noggins & Binkles will never say no to a pot of tasty home grown cat grass!

Cat Friendly Plants for Valentine's Day

Noggins with his homegrown cat grass (avena sativa) and other cat friendly house plants

If you do decide to opt for a bouquet of flowers make sure they are non-toxic to your furry friend, often different flowers can be toxic to cats and dogs, for example lilies are highly toxic to cats and can be fatal, but the ASPCA lists them as non-toxic to dogs, so it’s always important to check each flower or plant by its official name. It’s also worth noting that flowers with similar names can often be different, for example, lilies are non-toxic to dogs, but Lily of the Valley is toxic to dogs as well as cats. There are so many examples like that so be sure to always check. Bloom and Wild lists some flowers that are commonly found in bouquets and are safe for cats and dogs, these include freesias, Antirrhinum (Snapdragons), veronica and pussy willow.   As for the treats, make sure you buy some especially made for cats or dogs or why not see if you can find a suitable recipe to make some healthy homemade treats!

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