Interactive cat teaser wand toy with unique cork ball toy in green stripes with eco friendly solid wood stick
Luxury interactive cat dancer wand toy in unusual green stripes design, handmade in the UK
Interactive exercise cat teaser wand toy with eco friendly and natural cork ball and solid wood stick, made in the UK
Interactive cat teaser wand toys in blue, pink and green with cork ball. Best toy for exercising indoor cats, made in the UK
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Cat Teaser Wand Toy - Green Stripes Cork Ball With Solid Wood Stick

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Our unique interactive cat teaser wand toy with cork ball combines two of the best cat toys, a cat teaser wand and a cat ball toy! The teaser wand features a natural eco friendly cork cat ball with a cool green stripes design on elastic and a coordinating green tipped wooden stick. It’s a fun cat toy that is great for stimulating indoor cats and helping your cat to exercise.


  • Made with a strong eco friendly solid wood stick, so it will not snap like a plastic stick and it’s a great eco friendly alternative to plastic! We chose solid pine wood because it is known to be the most sustainable wood, as it grows much faster than other alternative woods such as oak. The pine we use is made from sustainably sourced pine that is certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). 
  • The cork cat ball toys are made from natural cork bark, which has natural antibacterial qualities in addition to being water resistant. Cork is a sustainable material because it is made from the bark of oak trees, which is removed, then the bark can grow back and can be re-harvested years later. Cork is also biodegradable and these cat balls are an eco friendly alternative to plastic balls. 
  • The cool green stripes design and coordinating green end on the wooden stick are painted using an eco friendly vegan and natural paint made from organic linseed oil and it uses natural mineral and plant pigments for the colour. In addition to being vegan and natural it is also non toxic and certified 'safe for toys'. 


Also available in blue and pink


The wooden stick can be wiped clean and the elastic and cork ball can be hand washed.

We recommend supervising your cat during play.  

Handmade in our London studio in the UK  

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