About Us

Noggins & Binkles is a luxury, ethical and vegan cat, dog and human accessories brand named after two rescue cats, Mr Noggins (who turned out to be a girl) from the Seychelles and Mr Binkles (who is actually a boy) from Mauritius. Our founder, Rose, lived in the Indian Ocean for over seven years and during that time made many accessories for Noggins and Binkles (and our friendly Labrador neighbours next door) because the quality and aesthetic that was desired was not available locally. There were indeed many searches for the illusive breakaway cat collar or washable bed. In 2018 Rose moved back to London with the cats and Noggins & Binkles was founded to continue making beautifully designed and ethically made vegan cat, dog and human accessories. At the end of 2023, the year we also made the move to the countryside, we decided to adopt a small terrier/chihuahua mix rescue dog named Wiggins! Only the highest quality materials are used including organic cotton fabric, vegan alternatives to leather, including sustainable cork, durable vegan silicone leather and eco friendly Piñatex®, luxury solid brass hardware and everything is designed and handmade in our studio in the UK.

Noggins & Binkles luxury, designer and vegan pet accessories

Noggins (right) & Binkles (left) when we lived in Mauritius.