What is the Best Collar For Small Dogs?

If you have a small dog, such as a Chihuahua or Miniature Dachshund, it’s important to find the right collar for them that will be comfortable and fit properly. At Noggins & Binkles, we designed our miniature dog collars especially for small breeds and tiny puppies! They differ from our standard sized dog collars, which are also available in an extra small size for small dogs, because they have a very small lightweight but strong buckle and are only 1cm wide. Our miniature dog collars are also not as thick so they are perfect for petite necks and are designed to be super comfortable and lightweight for little dogs. When choosing a small dog collar there are a few things to consider:


It’s important to measure your dog’s neck and make sure you get the right size collar for them. Their collar shouldn’t be too tight, you should be able to fit two fingers inside their collar and you may also want to allow some extra room if they are still growing. If you want to know more about getting the right fit, you can read our blog ‘how tight should a dog collar be’ here. All our dog collars are adjustable so it should be easy to get a good fit. Our miniature dog collars are normally the perfect size for small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Miniature Dachshunds, Pomeranians and Maltese, but if you need a bespoke size just get in touch as we can make them for you. Size doesn’t just refer to length either, width can be very important on a small dog. Most small dogs will find collars that are 1cm -1.5cm wide the most comfortable and it’s important to make sure the buckle or material that the collar is made of isn’t too bulky! It’s also important to pair your small dog collar with a small dog ID tag. For small dogs and puppies, we recommend our ‘cat size’ ID tag, as they are smaller and more lightweight than our dog ID tags and also come with a smaller split ring to attach to their collar. If you have a small dog who also has shorter legs, such as a Miniature Dachshund, you want to ensure your dog ID tag is small enough so it doesn’t hang too near the ground! Big dangly collar charms and big dog ID tags won’t be comfortable for a very small dog either!

Small dog ID tag with Dachsund design in brass

Our small Dachshund ID tag in luxury solid brass


When choosing a small dog collar you want it to be made of a comfortable material. All of our miniature dog collars are made of eco-friendly and comfortable materials that are soft to touch, such as cork leather, organic cotton, vegan leather and silicone leather. Our miniature dog collars feature a lightweight but strong plastic buckle, which is much lighter than the brass buckles on our standard dog collars. Even our luxury solid brass d-rings and sliders had the miniature treatment to ensure our miniature dog collars are nice and lightweight!  

Chihuahua wearing small pink vegan cork leather dog collar

Florence the Chihuahua wearing her pink vegan cork leather miniature dog collar with silver hardware

Type of Collar

At Noggins & Binkles we make standard ‘flat dog collars’, which are the most common type of dog collars. Our miniature dog collars feature a flat webbing part and a quick release buckle with a d-ring to attach an ID tag and lead. We wouldn’t recommend any other types of dog collars, such as choke, bark or martingale, but if you are considering an alternative to a standard flat dog collar, we would recommend a dog harness instead or in addition to their collar. Our dog harnesses start in an XXS size so are also perfect for small dogs and puppies. Dog harnesses can be great for small dogs who like to pull as the weight of the harness is more evenly distributed.  

Colour and Style

Once you have all the important things covered, such as a comfortable and secure fit, it’s also nice to choose a dog collar that complements your dog’s personality and fur! We are big fans of colour at Noggins & Binkles so hopefully we have a suitable colour for every dog! In our opinion, all dogs can wear any colour collar, but some lovely colour combinations are black fur with red, brown fur with blue or pink, grey fur with burgundy and white fur with yellow!  

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