What Size Should a Cat Tag Be?

A cat tag is extremely important for cats as it’s their first form of identification if they get lost. With lots of sizes and shapes available, choosing the right size cat or kitten tag can be a bit confusing! At Noggins & Binkles we only have one size for our cat tags which we think is perfect for all cats and kittens, but we will go through some important things to consider when choosing the perfect cat tag.

Size Matters

Whether you have the tiniest kitten or a large Maine Coon, your cat will not want to wear a big clunky tag, which is why our cat and kitten tags are only 22mm diameter and come with a small split ring so it doesn’t hang down low and irritate your kitty! We can make our brass tags in 20mm upon request (just send us an email), but we feel 22mm is the perfect size as it’s small and lightweight enough and also lets you personalise it with all the relevant contact information. If you aren’t sure what you should be including on a cat tag you can read our guide here. We do make larger dog tags but we generally don’t recommend these for cats as they are bigger and come with a bigger split ring too that in most cases would be too big for a kitten or cat.

Other Things to Consider

  • Correctly fitted breakaway cat collar: It’s important that along with the right size cat tag you also have the right size cat collar and that it is a safe breakaway cat collar. At Noggins & Binkles all our cat collars come with a breakaway safety buckle and are also 1cm wide which is the perfect width for cats. We don’t recommend putting dog collars on cats as they won’t be breakaway and could be very dangerous for your cat.
  • Design and personalisation: at Noggins & Binkles we have the option of golden solid brass or silver solid stainless steel so you can match your cat’s tag to their collar. If you want to add some personality to their tag we also do lots of different designs. If you have long contact details we recommend our plain tags that fit up to four lines of personalised engraving on each side.

What size should a cat tag be

Our solid brass cat tag with contact details engraved

  • Check local regulations: in the UK there is currently no obligation for a cat to wear an ID tag like there is for dogs, but we recommend cats do wear them, in addition to being microchipped (which is legally required in the UK from 10 June 2024). 
  • Clear and readable engraving: It’s important that the engraving on your cat tag is clearly readable. We have set limits for each line if you order a cat tag on our website so we can be sure that the text you have provided for engraving will fit and be a good size.
  • Get your cat microchipped: as mentioned above, it is a legal requirement in the UK to have your cat microchipped from 10 June 2024. Your cat’s tag will be their first form of identification if they get lost. However, if they are wearing a breakaway collar, which they should be, there is a chance they might not be wearing their collar and tag if they are found or stolen. It’s important to make sure they are microchipped to give them the best chance of being reunited and don’t forget to keep your contact details up to date!

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